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Serving Des Moines, IA since 1988

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A1 Electric is proud to have been selected by the Des Moines Register as 2017 Metro’s Best Electrician. Serving Iowa customers for over 3 decades!

Welcome to A-1 Electric!

A-1 Electric is an electrical contractor serving customers in Des Moines, Iowa and the surrounding communities. For over 30 years, our experienced electricians have provided customers with quality electrical services. Our electricians are well-trained and professional. Did your generator break? Well, you can’t wait until Monday. Our electricians are readily available for emergency services. Whether you need us to wire or re-wire your air conditioning units, communication systems, hot tubs, or circuit breakers, we are able to effectively assist you. Our electricians test, maintain, wire, install, troubleshoot, and re-wire: Transformers,  Ceiling Fans,  Dryers,  Panels,  Video Surveillance Systems,  Home Theaters,  Appliances and so much more!

At A-1 Electric, we provide the quality customer service so that all of our customers can be satisfied. Whether you need additional outlets, transformers or fire alarms, the professionals at A-1 Electric have what you need to maintain safety in your home.

Our company is locally owned and operated by professional and expert electrician contractors. Our specialty is making sure that you have an energy efficient home.

Experienced Electricians Since 1988

We have been serving the Des Moines, IA for more than 30 years. Our electricians are highly trained and experienced. Whether you need wiring or re-wiring of an air conditioning unit, communication systems, hot tubs or circuit breakers, we are able to help you. Do you have a broken generator or transformer? We handle emergency issues at A-1 Electric. 

Highly Trained Electricians

Our electricians are skilled at testing, maintaining, installing and troubleshooting your appliances, security systems, alarms, lighting and paneling. With over 11 certified electricians on our team, you will get service quickly and expertly.

So we may serve you faster and better, we do not have an automated contact form. Instead, please call us and speak with a real human. We will answer all of your questions, if we are out of office, we will call you back quickly.

Toll Free …….. 800-698-2383
Office …………. 515-287-2383
Cell ……………… 515-771-2639
1501 Evans St. Des Moines, IA 50315

Des Moines electrical contractor

Industrial and Hazardous Electrical Service

When it comes to utility power lines or hard hat areas, rely on electricians who are rigorously trained and certified for industrial and hazardous electrical work. At A-1 Electric, our electricians are all in compliance of OSHA standards and are fully trained to take on all types of dangerous electric installation and repair. Whether it is a downed power line near a gas station or near a factory, we will troubleshoot, repair or install all your electrical wiring.  

  • Family and Locally Owned Since 1988
  • Estimates Available in Advance
  • 24/7 Emergency Electrical Service
  • Our Work and Parts are Guaranteed
  • Fully Insured and Bonded
  • We Only Use The Best Electrical Materials

Service and Maintenance Contracts Available. Trained, Certified Electricians.

We offer our expert services to the Private Sector, Business, Industrial and Commercial Sector as well as Governmental and Military.

Our electrical services are of the highest quality and affordable. Whether you need new lighting and rewiring for whirlpools and Appliances or Repair of existing wiring for elevators or parking lot lighting, our experienced electrical experts are ready to do the job, efficiently and professionally.  We handle any and all electrical jobs in Des Moines, IA from the most simple to the most complicated.  No job is too challenging, let us eliminate your electrical problems and fulfill your electrical needs.

We offer competitive rates and estimates in advance with no hassle.